Latest publication of the PARISS Journal (Vol.1, Issue 2)

PARISS seeks to promote a plurality of ways of thinking, researching and writing and to give access to contemporary authors in the social sciences coming also from non-English-speaking countries. The editors encourage contributions that write across disciplines, academic cultures and writing styles. Subject areas: Social Sciences, International Relations, Global Studies, Sociology & Anthropology, Transdisciplinary approaches, Arts […]

The EU and its Counter – Terrorism Policies after the Paris Attacks

This paper examines the EU’s counter-terrorism policies responding to the Paris attacks of 13 November 2015. It argues that these events call for a re-think of the current information-sharing and preventive-justice model guiding the EU’s counter-terrorism tools, along with security agencies such as Europol and Eurojust. Priority should be given to independently evaluating ‘what has […]

Development Of The Organised Crime Threat Assessment (Octa) And Internal Security Architecture

Bio-Preparedness : Responding to the threat of Biological Weapons