Big Data and smart devices and their impact on privacy

The numerous debates triggered by the increased collection and processing of personal data for various – and often unaccountable – purposes are particularly vivid at the EU level. Two interlinked, and to some extent conflicting, initiatives are relevant here: the development of EU strategies promoting a data-driven economy and the current reform of the EU […]

National Security and Secret Evidence in Legislation and before the Courts: Exploring the Challenges

At the request of the LIBE committee, this study provides a comparative analysis of the national legal regimes and practices governing the use of intelligence information as evidence in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Sweden. It explores notably how national security can be invoked to determine the classification of information […]

Evaluating Current and Forthcoming Proposals on JHA Databases and a Smart Borders System at EU External Borders

This study examines current and forthcoming measures related to the exchange of data and information in EU JHA policies, with a focus on the ‘smart borders’ initiative. It argues that there is no reversibility in the growing reliance on such schemes and asks whether current and forthcoming proposals are necessary and original. The study outlines […]

Towards a New EU Legal Framework for Data Protection and Privacy. Challenges, Principles and the Role of the European Parliament

The Principle of availability of information