Latest publication of the PARISS Journal (Vol.1, Issue 2)

PARISS seeks to promote a plurality of ways of thinking, researching and writing and to give access to contemporary authors in the social sciences coming also from non-English-speaking countries. The editors encourage contributions that write across disciplines, academic cultures and writing styles.

Subject areas: Social Sciences, International Relations, Global Studies, Sociology & Anthropology, Transdisciplinary approaches, Arts and Humanities

Political Anthropological Research on International Social Sciences (PARISS) is a bi-annual journal published by Brill publishers, in cooperation with the Centre d’Etudes sur les Conflits, Liberté et Sécurité (CECLS).

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Table of Contents:


Autor: PARISS Editorial Office

The Contemporary Exercise of Emergency Powers: Reflections on Permanence, Impermanence and Challenging Times 

Autor: Fionnuala Ní Aoláin

The ‘Insecurity Toolbox’ of the Illiberal Regime: Rule by Law and Rule by Exclusion

Autors: Ákos KopperZsolt KörtvélyesiBalázs Majtényi, and András Szalai

Right of Entry: The Struggle over Recognition in the World of Intelligence 

Autor: Anthony Amicelle

Covid-19: Teleworking, Surveillance and 24/7 Work. Some Reflexions on the Expected Growth of Remote Work After the Pandemic 

Autor: Ivan Manokha

Italian Perspectives on Pandemic Responses: Tracing Early Critiques from Europe’s First Lockdown 

Autors: Andrea FumagalliSara Gandini, and Cristina Morini

Investigating the Internationalisation of State Nobilities: A Reflexive Return to Double Game Strategies 
An Interview with Yves DEZALAY (Part Two)
Autors: Didier BigoAntonin Cohen, and Translated by Julien Chatel

Migration and the Question of New Political Possibilities: Nicholas De Genova and Sandro Mezzadra—In Dialogue

Autors: Nicholas De Genova and Sandro Mezzadra

Why French Academic Journals are Protesting

Autors: By the collective and Camille Noûs

Read the interview of the four coeditors, Tugba Basaran, Monique J. Beerli, Didier Bigo, and Emma Mc Cluskey who answer our questions about the journal and its aims.

Call for manuscripts
The editors welcome individually authored or co-authored articles (up to 3 authors; approximately 7,000-11,000 words including footnotes) and collectively authored articles (3+ authors; 10,000-25,000 words including footnotes), as well as book reviews, interviews, commentaries, and shorter articles focused on research methodologies (all up to 5,000 words).

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