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Cultures & Conflits is a thematically-organized international political sociology quarterly. It proposes to analyse different expressions of conflictuality manifesting in the following forms: deterrence, wars, revolutions, state repression or other forms of violence labelled as “terrorism”, “organised crime”, and “urban riots”; as well as more subtle, yet real forms of symbolic violence: cultural domination, the effects of speech and language, etc.

Journal submissions are open to sociologists, philosophers, political science theorists, historians, and geographers, as well as individuals with an institutional or NGO affiliation. More generally, the journal is interested by different perspectives crossed with the common concerns of International Relations specialists. As such, Cultures & Conflits permits the development of an alternative perspective on questions of socialization, forms of mobilization, and transitions to violence, whether within or beyond the limits of the state. Furthermore, given the prevalence of transnational dimension of new expressions of violence, it should be noted that the analysis of the state as the only explanatory framework of such phenomenon is the subject of increasing debate.

In each issue, the participating authors propose potential avenues of research around a specific issue in an effort to renew existing literature on violence and conflictuality. The proposed aim is admittedly ambitious, however, it is the best way to avoid the division between theoretical contributions and empirical studies. On the contrary, every entry represents a real contribution to the understanding of conflictual mechanisms. Since the creation of the journal, the editorial board follows a rigorous and meticulous peer-review method of evaluation, whereby submitted articles are anonymously evaluated twice.

The challenge is to propose a new approach to the analysis and apprehension of international relations

Cultures & Conflits is notably recognized at the international level. The review is an active member of the International Political Sociology (IPS) section of the International Studies Association (ISA). The journal received an award for the best online Social Sciences and Humanities journal in Canada and is also indexed in major American universities institutions. Lastly, Cultures & Conflits is earnestly involved in the predominant French-speaking Political Science, Social Sciences, and Humanities research networks

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Cultures & Conflits articles may also be accessed and downloaded from CAIRN.